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. >> she is an incredible person. i'm so blessed to be her dad. family and friends remember the victims of yesterday's shooting at a connecticut elementary school. >> this is sandy hook in, newtown, connecticut on a busy saturday night, how the community and the state are coming together, 36 hours after this tragedy. and back here in the bay area, a sawingy start to the weekend. we are tracking where the rain is now and our storm watch coverage. . good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. just a few hours ago, the white house announced president obama will travel to newtown, connecticut tomorrow, the site of yesterday's mass school
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shooting. this, as we learn more about the victims. today, family members began releasing photos of loved ones who were killed. this is 6-year-old emily parker, one of the 20 children lost yesterday. kindergarten teacher lorain russo is among the adults gunned down. authorities say the principal, dawn hochsprung lunged at the gunman before she was mortally wounded. the father of emily parker fought back tears, as he remembered his little girl. >> she was the type of person that could just light up the room. she -- she always had something kind to say about anybody. and her, her, her love and the strength that she gave us and the example that she showed us is remarkable. she is an incredible person. and i'm so blessed to be her dad.
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>> authorities today released the names and ages of the 26 victims. their ages range from 6 to 56 years old. authorities say among the children, 12 girls and eight boys were killed, all of them 6 or 7 years old. investigators say most of the slain children were found inside the same classroom. the killer also gunned down several sandy hook staff members, including a school psychologist who is nearing retirement and teacher victoria soto, who reportedly shielded her young students as the gunman opened fire. the medical examiner in charge of handling the more than two dozen victims today said he has never had to deal with an event of this magnitude. >> i've been at this for a third of a century and it's my sensibilities may not be the average man, but this probably is the worst i have seen. >> dr. carver went on to say all of the victims had been shot multiple times with a long
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weapon, presumably that semi automatic rifle that was found at the scene. the mourning continues in newtown, connecticut, with family members and residents expressing their overwhelming grief at the tragedy. ktvu's john sasaki continues coverage from connecticut, where people are coming together to express their sorrow. john? >> reporter: ken, the scene is just up that hill behind me, but about 40 minutes from here in the city of stratford is a huge vigil tonight. thousands of people honoring all the victims of this heinous act, but especially teacher victoria soto. the entire state is in mourning, and it's especially deep. ♪ >> reporter: this community is bustling on a saturday night, but with heavy hearts, and
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that's how it's been all day. >> it feels so unreal. to think that those poor children couldn't ever see something like this coming and those parents who now have to live without their children, it's too much. >> reporter: beyond the school community, which is so profoundly impacted, some people nearby also witnessed the devastation. >> we came around the corner of this fire house, two little boys, one screaming hysterically, and the other one telling him, stop, stop running! stop! >> reporter: she says this tragedy would forever change her fond memories of being a student at sandy hook elementary. >> i remember that school as a happy, safe zone. it's been taken away. >> reporter: help has been pouring into the area from across the state, including from hartford, where crisis responders know violence all too well. >> we want to pour our love in and say, you know, this could
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have been our children, could have been anybody's children. >> you have some serious mental health issues that we have yet to begin to even talk about. >> reporter: one of the first people we met near the school was this man, who said he had stood out here all night long. >> it's heart breaking, to hear, especially that there was little kids involved. i don't know. i don't know. this guy, this guy that felt the need to do this, i hope he burns in hell. >> reporter: this is a very busy spot here in sandy hook. and one where the love is obvious. this community is still in shock, but maybe in some small way, starting to heal. as you can see, police are still blocking off the street that gives access to anybody to that area where this entire tragedy began yesterday morning. live in sandy hook, in newtown, connecticut, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. and we have new video this evening of the bay area's response to the tragedy in connecticut. >> that could be my own child!
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>> an elementary school teacher expressed her sadness at a vigil late this afternoon in the excelsior district. 30 people gathered to light candles and express support for victims of the masacre and for the community of newtown. a handful of people also gathered in san francisco's golden gate park today to reflect on the connecticut tragedy. an informal vigil was held there this morning. some people wrote notes to the victims and others simply cried. >> i haven't met them, but it doesn't mean they are not my neighbors, doesn't mean they are not people i don't love. >> organizers said they wanted to provide a place for people to come together and share their deep sense of sorrow. people have been posting their thoughts and condolences on our facebook page. mary writes, 26 families now live the rest of their lives in grief and nothing anyone can say or do can change the pain that they all have in their hearts. >> you can post your condolences on our facebook page. just search for ktvu channel 2. we are learning new details
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about adam lanza, the man police say is responsible for the school shooting. this photo we're about to show you of the 20-year-old was released today. state police say three guns were used in the shooting. cnn reports lanza had access to at least six guns. police also revealed they found very good evidence to help them piece together what led to the rampage, but so far, they have not said what that evidence is. authorities say adam lanza killed his mother, this woman, nancy lanza, at their home before he went to the school. nancy lanza was reportedly a gun enthusiast and owned the weapons that were used in the masacre, two pistols and a semi automatic assault rifle. authorities now say they have found no connection between nancy lanza and the school where the shootings took place. her family and adam's father, peter lanza today both expressed their sympathies to the victims. here in the bay area, people responded to yesterday's shooting in a different way. in seven minutes, the first of it's kind program that encouraged many to give up their
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guns. police are learning more about a shooting in oakland this morning that wounded four people. officers say they found three men suffering from gunshot wounds around 7:30 this morning near international boulevard, between 84th and 85th avenues. all three men were hospitalized. a fourth female victim was dropped off at the hospital. all of the victims are expected to be okay. police say two people were arrested in connection with this shooting. a teenage boy is in critical condition after a drive-by shooting in san francisco's intermission district. police say just before 1:30 this morning, four men in a car opened fire on the teen near the intersection of potraro avenue and 24th. the wounded boy managed to walk a block to san francisco general hospital. the victim's name and age have not been released. we are on storm watch again tonight. the latest system is bringing lingering rain across the bay area, starting this morning in the north bay, then moving
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south. here's a look at the scene, at san francisco's union square, was the wet weather didn't deter holiday shoppers. it is causing delays of up to 50 minutes at san francisco international airport. in downtown alameda, people bundled up against the rain and chilly temperatures. we saw heavy showers throughout the afternoon. we have live team coverage tonight. we begin with matt keller, live in san jose. >> reporter: well, heather, 250 beds are available here at the james fbi cardo reception center in san jose. when it's cold and wet like today, all of them are taken. dozens more are given mats to sleep on. here's video of the line for the hot meal tonight. firefighters say the homeless population is especially vulnerable during these types of weather conditions. >> we're concerned about hypothermia and again, the cold
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weather can exacerbate existing health conditions. >> normally i'm downtown. i have a place to camp in a sleeping bag and i -- it's just the rain. the rain pushes us all inside, if you don't want to catch pneumonia. >> reporter: the firefighters say during rainy and cold weather, their calls increase for traffic accidents and fire and smoke issues from heaters and chimneys. many people turned up the heat most of the day here in the south bay, since we've been in the 40s. to give you context on that, the average temperature for san jose for this time of the year is 61 degrees. this past monday, we were close to 70 degrees. workers here at the emergency housing shelter say the beds have been filled every day since this recent cold weather moved in and they expect it to be packed for at least another couple of days. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2news. >> and here is a live picture now at oakland's jack london square, where right now it is 48 degrees. coming up in 8 minutes, meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us how long the cold, rainy
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weather will last in his complete forecast. investigators tell us they do not believe wet weather caused a fatal accident that shut down a portion of interstate 280 in south san francisco. the accident happened just before 12:30 this afternoon near the westborough boulevard onramp to 280. authorities say they are still investigating the cause of the two-car crash. the driver who died was the sole occupant of one vehicle. authorities say three people in the other car were not injured. law enforcement officers across the bay area are on the lookout tonight for parolees suspected in a shooting yesterday at a san rafael transit center. san rafael police released this photo of 24-year-old la drake sonny dean. police say dean shot a man at close range on a platform. the victim is expected to survive. police say dean is on parole from solano county in a home invasion robbery and is considered armed and dangerous. never seen the outcry and involvement from the community like this. >> hundreds take part in a gun
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buyback program in two bay area cities. why some say it wasn't just the cash that brought them out today. >> plus, honoring veterans. how people in the south bay took part in a national tradition. >> and coming up, we'll tell you how secretary of state hillary clinton ended up with a concussion. >> and the new reports tonight that the president has chosen her replacement. >> and it has been a cold and damp day across the entire bay area. still, a few lingering showers on live storm tracker 2. coming up, a full breakdown of the shower chances for your sunday and when another storm will be approaching the bay area coastline.
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. the cities of oakland and san francisco had their largest ever gun buybacks today. here are the numbers. in oakland, people turned in 300 guns. that includes a machine gun, as well as a military-style assault
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rifle. organizers had to reschedule about 80 waiting cars because it got dark. now, in san francisco, they actually ran out of cash, after buying 125 guns. ktvu's noel walker reports many had the recent events in connecticuts on their minds when they handed over their firearms. >> reporter: today, east oakland looked more like the wild west. guns on every corner. >> oakland got guns! >> reporter: and in every trunk, and no one got arrested for it. in fact, they got cash. cold, hard cash. >> yeah. >> what did you turn in to get that? >> my mother's .22 pistol. >> reporter: in a first of it's kind gun buyback-- >> two revolvers, yes. >> reporter: -- oakland and san francisco police departments paired with youth uprising and a private donor to offer cash for guns. >> we're going to walk over here and get your money. >> reporter: no names, no questions asked, just 200 bucks a gun. >> thank you for getting those guns out of your house. >> thank you very much. >> god bless you. >> what inspired me is really the incident that just took place in connecticut, as well as my own son was murdered.
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so i just want to help out. >> reporter: the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut happened less than 24 hours before people started lining up in oakland today at 6:00 a.m. the cars stretched for more than half a mile. >> i've never seen the outcry and involvement from the community like this. >> reporter: organizers used billboards and word of mouth to show, if you build a bridge, the guns will come. >> one gun matters. one -- it only takes one gun and one bullet in one gun to kill somebody. wrors the same scene played out in san francisco, like an odd holiday gift exchange. >> after what happened yesterday, i hope there's more people here to just something wrinkle in their heart, not just for the 200, that says it's the right thing to do for humanity. >> reporter: today's program has been so successful and gotten so many of these guns off the street, they hope to make this program statewide. in oakland, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2news. >> and be sure to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest developments as they emerge in
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connecticut, both on air and online. police in birmingham, alabama fatally shot a gunman who they say opened fire inside a hospital today. authorities say the man began shooting people as they came off an elevator at st. vincent's hospital. a police officer and two employees were wounded. all of them are expected to be okay. police say they are studying surveillance video to help them with the investigation. military officials say a marine based at camp pendleton was killed in a vehicle crash in afghanistan. 28-year-old sergeant michael gill roy of louisiana died yesterday, shortly after the accident. this obviously is not the right video. he was assigned to a special operations battalion and was conducting combat operations in the helmand province. that accident is under investigation. bay area volunteers paid their respects to veterans today by taking part in race across america. about 100 people placed wreaths on veterans' graves in saratoga.
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an organizer says the annual event is inspiring people to thank service members for their sacrifice. >> they like the idea of having wreaths out at the cemetery over the holidays. people really supported that and we do a lot of e-mails and lot of flyers and try to get the word out as much as possible and it's growing. >> veterans from the civil war through the war in afghanistan are buried here. mark bingham, one of the 9/11 heroes who helped stop flight 93 from reaching washington is also buried there. president obama is reportedly poised to nominate massachusetts senator john kerry as the next secretary of state. senator kerry has been praised by some republican colleagues in the senate, indicating he could face an easy confirmation. the possible nomination comes following the withdrawal of nominee susan rice. the white house has not confirmed the report. current secretary of state hillary clinton is recovering from a concussion she suffered this morning. secretary clinton fainted and hit her head. she has been fighting off a
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stomach virus and had already canceled an overseas trip. aids say mrs. clinton will work from home next week and will not testify to congress about the benghazi attack in libya, at least at this point. time for us to talk about our weather and, boy, it was pretty rainy out there today. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo to find out if the showers will linger throughout the night. >> the rain showers and also cold temperatures, tough to be outside today, with readings only in the 40s for most of the region. only in the 40s. as far as rainfall totals, did pick up late this morning into the afternoon hours. radar loop throughout the afternoon showing numbers did add up, especially after the 2:00 or 3:00 hour. san francisco, 0.15. santa rosa, 0.20. san jose, 0.14. livermore, 0.17. as far as temperatures, that was another big part of our weather story today. look at all the 40s. these were the afternoon highs. santa rosa topped out at 46
6:21 pm
degrees. concord, 47. san jose, only 49 degrees. as far as right now on live storm tracker 2, activity has been on the decrease. we do have this winter weather advisory toward lake county until sunday morning. snowfall will be on the order of 2 to 4 inches. right now, on the maps on live storm tracker 2, there is a live sweep. still light rain showers, basically at least a few sprinkles across most of the region. but as far as the organized activity, light rain in parts of the south bay and also livermore reporting a light rain, most recent observation. so we'll hold on to the chance, at least in the short-term for tonight. overnight lows, first thing for your sunday morning, will not be as cold as this morning. still chilly. 30s up towards santa rosa and napa. san francisco at 44. san jose starting out the day at 40 degrees. cold showers for today, because this cold front moving through the region. then another one developing offshore. the next organized one, that's set to move into the region first thing monday morning. but at least the forecast for tomorrow, since we're in between systems and there's enough moisture, we have to hold on to the chance of a spotty shower or
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a few sprinkles. that is for sunday. and then into monday, this cold front approaches. this will be the source of more rainfall, especially as we do head into monday morning. here's our forecast model, showing you this. still the possibility of scattered cool showers out there. by the way, reports of snow toward willet, also toward mount hamilton. snow levels have been coming down to around 3000 feet in the bay area. by 1:00 sunday, the chance of sprinkle or a few spotty showers. still lots of cloud cover by 5:00. expanding the view, we take this into monday. first thing monday morning, that rain line pushes in for the morning commute and then we could be moving out by monday afternoon and into the evening hours. as far as the sierra, we do have a winter storm watch beginning sunday night into monday night. snowfall will be on the order of 6 to 12 inches. forecast highs for tomorrow, a little bit warmer than today. that means we're sneaking back up into the 50s. san jose will go 56.
6:23 pm
livermore, 52. san mateo, 54 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. it's a busy one. morning rain into monday, chance of a sprinkle into tuesday. wednesday, still pretty chilly. then a stronger storm scheduled to move into the region by monday afternoon -- or thursday afternoon into the evening hours. at least tomorrow, might feel a little warmer. back up to the 50s. >> we'll see the sun for a while. >> definitely. off and on rain clouds over the next few days. >> thank you, mark. storm damage from that series of strong storms that we had earlier this month has forced a portion of scenic highway 1 through sonoma county to close indefinitely. the road has been closed since december 5th, when a 500-foot section of the highway was damaged. cars and trucks are now being routed around the damage by a 6-mile detour on local roads. joe fonzi joins us next with sports, including a record run, get this, for the warriors. >> but first, what hundreds, hundreds of santas were doing in san francisco's union square today. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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rethink possible. . san francisco's union square was a sea of red and white this afternoon. it's the annual santa con gathering that brought hundreds of santa impersonators to neighborhoods all over the city.
6:27 pm
this year, organizers said they hope participants will get creative and try something different, like handing out candy canes or wearing a gorilla mask or have warm clothing for the homeless. let's speak of the holidays. boy, the warriors delivering holiday cheer to their fans. >> yes, an early present. the warriors have just completed the first-ever 6-1 road trip in franchise history. jared jack contributing up and down in atlanta tonight. jack with the drive here, can't get this shot to fall, but karl landry there for the emphatic follow. landry came off the bench to score 19. they were tied after a quarter, but the warriors ran away with it after that. jack will be good this time from three-point range. he finished with 13. steph curry was two rebounds away from a triple-double, missing the three, then pick the pocket of atlanta's williams, then go in for 2 of his 18
6:28 pm
points. the warriors win 150-93, going 6-1 on their seven-game trip. uc davis usually puts up a pretty good battle when it steps out of its league in a stretch game. not so this afternoon at stanford. the usual atmosphere for a matinee today, the cardinal led by 11 at the half, then did this early in the second. dwight powell drives the lane that puts one down with a vengeance. powell, with a little attitude going on, on way to a 20-point game that saw him for 8 for 10 from the field. you could say he was taking high percentage shots. aaron bright drives the lane, can't get his shot to fall, but powell there for the follow. stanford wins 75-52, improving to 7-3, while the aggies have won just once in seven tries. marin catholic taking on madison of san diego county in the state's division 3 championship game. carson, wildcats gave up the 21-second quarter lead. trailing with 8 minutes to go, until goff found the tip pass, for a 37-yard score. marin catholic in front 35-31.
6:29 pm
two plays later, madison gets loose, nobody can catch him, 79-yard score. he rushed for 272 yards, three scores. madison wins 38-35. the wildcats finish 14-2. de la sal plays in the open division later tonight. >> thanks, joe. thank you for watching. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and at 10:00. good night.
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